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5.0/5.0 submitted on 04/18/18

Just OUTSTANDING. Mr. Aduddell addressed my needs and gave his honest and as it turns out Perfect Advice. He is always there to help, and is readily available to answer questions. His office staff is also a great asset, able to immediately contact him in case of an emergency. He is definitely the “GO to Man.”

5.0/5.0 submitted on 01/27/18

Looking for the Best Attorney who Will fight for you, Mike Aduddell WILL do just that. I hired Mike 10 years ago for a child support case, that turned into a child custody case and then again for child support. It was exhausting and emotional. Mike did Not give up. He would not let me give up. He knows the law and cares. I was so very impressed with Mike and his staff. I would highly recommend him for any case. Mike goes above and beyond as an attorney! Thank God for an attorney who actually cares, who will fight for what is right, who will win your case and look out for your best interest! ~ Rebecca Cornelius

5.0/5.0 submitted on 07/10/17

Mr. Aduddell is an awesome attorney. I would highly recommend him. If you have anyone else for representation, then you need to think. If you are in it to win it, then call Mr. Mike!

5.0/5.0 submitted on 07/15/17

In my opinion Mike Aduddell is one of the most ethical and knowledgable attorneys I’ve ever met. He is dedicated to his work and to his clients. He knows the law inside and out, always taking time to explain things making sure that I understood what was taking place. He was professional in every sense of the word. There is none better in my opinion.

5.0/5.0 submitted on 07/10/17

Our experience with Mike Aduddell was wonderful. We hired him for a family law matter and his knowledge and expertise in this area was impressive! He presented all of our options so we could make an educated and well-informed decision. He was kind and sensitive to the subject matter and kept our confidentiality regarding personal matters. He was always available for questions and handled our case efficiently. I would recommend Mr. Aduddell for any legal issues you or your family might have.

5.0/5.0 submitted on 07/07/17

I have known Mike Aduddell for 20 years. He has not only been my attorney but a good friend as well.during that time Mike prepared wills, powers of attorney and other documents needed for myself and family members. When my husband passed away Mike took care of probating his will and creating a new one for me. During this time I have made several changes to my will, new medical directives, etc. Mike has always been available to help in any way he can. He is always prompt in getting documents finished in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mike Aduddell to take care of all of your legal needs.

5.0/5.0 submitted on 09/02/16

I would highly recommend Mike Aduddell to any of my friends and family. He is an excellent communicator with fast response time and always is there for his clients. He handled my case with professionalism and with a wealth of knowledge. With his expertise he was able to get everything I was wanting from my case and more. He is a Christian man with ethics and his sense of humor kept me laughing in one of the hardest times in my life. I will always go to him with any legal problems in the future!

5.0/5.0 submitted on 06/07/16

In my opinion Mike is an excellent attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and very good with communicating. He was perfect for my case and also for writing wills for myself and my mom. He is a good Christian man with a good sense of humor. Like him a lot!

5.0/5.0 submitted on 06/01/16

Mike Aduddell was very professional and worked diligently to have our wills written quickly after our children were born as they were very complicated. He takes ever case very seriously as it was his own. I would highly recommend him and his staff. If you are in need of legal services , give him a call now!!!! I will definitely be using him for all my future legal needs.

5.0/5.0 submitted on 05/31/16

Mr. Mike Aduddell holds his profession to the highest standards. He manages his office and clients with integrity and honesty. He renders excellent customer service to all his clients, and understanding of the law. When he represents you, he will do his best for you. I know this because he help change my life and he can help you. So if you need representation, do yourself a BIG favor and call Mr. Mike Aduddell.

5.0/5.0 submitted on 05/11/16

Michael is a great attorney. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and experienced but he treats all of his clients with compassion and understanding. A lawyer with a heart!

5.0/5.0 submitted on 05/09/16

I have been working with Mr. Aduddell for almost 10 years. His knowledge of the law, as well as evidence and procedure is unmatched in my opinion. He has handled several issues of mine efficiently, effectively and more than once with better outcomes than I could have hoped for. Any issue that arises, he’s my first call…I never have to make a second.

5.0/5.0 submitted on 07/03/15

I found his legal advise to be accurate. He showed maturity of the law in that he gave very wise and knowledgable information. He has an excellent grasp of the process as well as case law knowledge of the area. He was a great help and based on his expertise the issue was resolved successfully. He was accessible and kept me informed. In his office, I noticed he was recognized as a top Texas lawyer which I found to be an accurate assessment. I would highly recommend him based on my experience if you need legal advice or representation. Excellent attorney.


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